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Disaster Response

Mitigate. Prepare. Respond. Recover.

SAFEbuilt offers a comprehensive, integrated program of mitigation, preparedness, response, and recovery for emergencies and disasters. Our approach enhances a community’s capability to protect human lives and property, restore services, and build long-term community sustainability.


SAFEbuilt’s experienced, multidisciplinary team addresses a full range of disaster preparedness and recovery needs for your organization. From pre-disaster geographic information system (GIS) inventory mapping, interdepartmental planning, and customized training to damage assessments, FEMA grant administration, and expedited building services, we are dedicated to supporting you through full-recovery.

Expedited Building Services

We understand the importance of getting your community back to full-recovery as soon as possible after an emergency event. From fire, tornado, flood, hurricane, and earthquake, SAFEbuilt has supported communities like yours after disasters with expedited damage assessment, expedited and mobile permitting units, and expedited inspections.

FEMA Administration

SAFEbuilt has extensive experience with successful administration of FEMA reimbursement programs for communities after a disaster. Our services include development of local hazard mitigation plans (pre-disaster), damage assessment, reporting, and application processing through award of funds.

Geographic Information Systems

GIS plays an essential role in a disaster management plan. From developing mitigation plans based on vulnerability analysis mapping, preparedness through the development of evacuation zones and routes, to the response coordination using damage assessments to dispatch first responders, recovery efforts through the comparison of pre and post disaster maps, and FEMA assistance.

Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

Our nationwide teams of professionals are qualified and experienced in aiding communities with pre- and post-disaster planning to help you plan for and respond to emergencies. Emergency preparedness and disaster recovery programs include hazard plans, evacuation planning, National Incident Management System training, post-disaster and redevelopment plans.

Comprehensive and Coordinated Emergency Management Planning

We address the full range of disaster preparedness and recovery needs for your organization. Public, private, non-profit and government agencies at the local, state, and federal levels all play a key role in response to emergencies and disasters. Ongoing coordination across organizations is vital to develop and test the emergency operations plan and to ensure that response resources are effectively recorded and managed.

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