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Facilities Management

Maximizing Efficiencies

SAFEbuilt’s Facilities Management Services provides clients the traditional operation and maintenance of buildings and grounds but with the added data analysis to highlight efficiencies and significantly improve the end user experience results in savings to you.

Flawless Experience

By improving the performance of a building’s equipment and engineering systems, we ensure better functioning, efficient and useful facilities that last longer. Our facility management services include janitorial, HVAC, electrical, plumbing, roofing, flooring, lighting, signage, fire safety, pedestrian ways, landscaping, and maintenance of fixtures, furniture and equipment.

Preventative Maintenance

We create a performance-based system with intelligent and proactive service programs for all of your facilities. Quality control is developed with ongoing reporting metrics which are used to inform and schedule maintenance plans.

Staffing Resources

Our management and maintenance services are scalable and tailored to meet your needs. We source staff in the specialties you need, including locksmiths, carpenters, and electricians.

Problem Solvers

SAFEbuilt maintains resources from the cross-discipline collaboration of staff which make our facility maintenance services so uniquely efficient. Identifying a seemingly routine maintenance call for a clogged storm drain as a larger more immediate concern – catching it before it causes more damage.

Extension of Your Staff

SAFEbuilt, acting as an extension of your staff, provides the professional and technical experts to address all related facilities management needs utilizing cutting-edge technology. This includes facility condition assessments, integrated facility management, planning and design services, and emergency response.

Your Solution

To Smarter Facility Maintenance
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