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IT, Data, and Technology Services

Streamlined Permitting Solutions

CommunityCore Solutions is SAFEbuilt’s proprietary online community development software tool for managing permitting, plan reviews, approvals, code enforcement and inspection activities. It integrates with other government software systems and it is specifically designed to streamline and automate many Building Department processes to ensure compliance, manage workflows, generate activity reporting, and provide transparency to all stakeholders. CommunityCore Solutions is fully customizable, user friendly and easy to set-up software that will deliver the technology and automation your community needs.

Going Beyond Data and Maps

We take you beyond maps by collecting the right data then converting it visually to reveal relationships, patterns, and trends. Our team of IT experts help you make sense of the information captured so that you can make informed, real-time decisions.

Providing technology services has proven to be an industry that continues to evolve exponentially, requiring expertise and resources to meet the growing demand. Our technology professionals can help fill the void across the IT and data spectrum.

GIS Made Simple

SAFEbuilt has been involved in the full spectrum of GIS development for over 20 years, supporting municipalities like yours with a full suite of GIS software and support services. We make the complex world of GIS simple by supporting you through each stage of the process. From ideation and discovery, data collection, development and management, to customized mapping, analysis, and QA/QC, we’re there with you.

Emergency Planning

GIS plays an important and now essential role in a comprehensive Emergency Management plan. From developing mitigation plans based on vulnerability analysis mapping, preparedness through the development of evacuation zones and routes, response coordination using damage assessments to dispatch first responders, and recovery efforts through the comparison of pre and post disaster maps and FEMA assistance.

Smarter Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Whether you’re developing your latest capital improvement plan or breaking ground on one of its projects, it’s important to know how your assets can work for you. Knowing what you have and where, is essential to the planning, budgeting, replacement and success of your investment – and can be the difference between meeting your investment goals or missing them altogether.

Solving Problems

Our GIS Services provides you with the data to identify and solve problems. From detecting watermain breaks by mapping water meter usage to recognizing population aging and their effects on existing resources can be powerful information to make informed and timely decisions.

Infrastructure Inventorying

Knowing what you have and where is essential. Our GIS services are your cost-effective tool for inventorying and managing your infrastructure assets - from watermain to tree inventorying.

The Time Is Now

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