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Survey & Mapping Services

Fully Equipped for Every Type of Survey

As the surveying profession has advanced in both technology and education, CGA has invested significant resources to keep abreast of these advances. We utilize some of the most state-of-the-art surveying equipment available today. The Leica ScanStation C10 is our latest instrument addition, allowing us to develop high definition surveys for such applications as water and wastewater treatment plants, pump station rehabilitation, facilities management inside of buildings and a multitude of other survey projects.

The Scan Station C10 takes a virtual snapshot of a site with a level of detail that previously would have taken significantly more field and office resources. By collecting millions of data points in a 360° horizontal and 270° vertical field of view, field crews can survey a site once and have a permanent record of all the visible items on file. Three-dimensional visual images and virtual walk-throughs can be prepared for use in litigations, client presentations or commission meetings. As the scanner is not dependent on traditional surveying methods of data collection, projects that would have safety issues such as high volume intersections, electrical substations or active constructions sites can be collected without field personal in unsafe working conditions.

SAFEbuilt a full-service consulting company providing civil engineering, landscape architecture, GIS and land planning services, the survey department is well versed in providing detailed and accurate surveying data for engineering projects relating to water distribution systems, storm drainage, and sanitary sewer infrastructure.

With a full-scale GIS department providing data population and application development for a number of government entities, the survey department has developed capabilities to provide efficient field data collection for rapid download into GIS databases. Using Trimble Real Time Kinematic (RTK) GPS equipment with Blue Tooth wireless technology and tied into the Florida Continuously Operating Reference Stations (CORS) allows us to collect vast amount of data referenced to the latest horizontal and vertical datums as established by the National Geodetic Survey Department (NGS). Our IT department works in conjunction with the GIS and Survey departments setting up protocols which enables data transfer and database entry from remote locations seamlessly. Issues that plague large GIS\Survey projects regarding incompatibility between field and office, software application to software application are non-existent with our team.

Well-Charted Process, Well-Executed Projects

We have assembled a team of qualified surveying professionals who have completed a myriad of surveying projects, who possess the diversity of technical skills required for successful completion of a survey project.

We believe in constant communication not only with our clients but communication between field crews and office personnel is constant throughout the project and on a daily basis. Any survey issue that might arise when a field crew is onsite is given highest priority. This communication is imperative if a survey project is to be completed in the most efficient manner as possible and enables a quick resolution if any surveying issues may arise.

We are continuously providing our employees with both on-site and off-site training, web seminars and other educational tools to improve their capabilities and in conjunction improve our capabilities.

A consistent project approach from initial request, project research, compiling a definitive scope of services with a budget and schedule, team communication, implementation of the scope, QA\QC and final product deliverable enables us to be efficient and ensure a successful survey project for our clients.

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