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Let’s Build Something Great Together

Together, we design, build, and create beautiful places

From the streets we drive to the paths we walk on to the parks we play in, SAFEbuilt designs and builds cost-effective community solutions that are sustainable, attractive and useful.

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Problem Solvers

You can benefit from the cross-discipline collaboration of experts, which makes our private provider services so uniquely efficient. For example, you will have the power to identify routine and seemingly minor repairs as a larger more immediate concern, before it is too late.
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Intelligent Staffing

Your needs are met with services that are scalable and tailored to your unique situation, and you don’t pay for the ones you don’t use. You also benefit from SAFEbuilt’s intelligent scheduling system that coordinates repairs and routine maintenance geographically, which reduces unnecessary travel and idle time.
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With a team dedicated solely to you and your needs, you’ll experience increased service delivery response times. Acting as an extension of your team, our experts combine their knowledge and experience to help your projects be successful.


Case Studies

Cross-Discipline Design Collaboration

Benefits of Creative Design in Engineering Projects

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Engineering Design for stormwater management

Drainage Improvements to mitigate neighborhood flooding

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Your Partner

For solutions that are custom fit to your needs.
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