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Plan Review and Inspections for Bonterra Homes


Inspection Services to Expedite Construction Close Out


Expedited inspections so client could achieve certificate of occupancy sooner

CC Homes is one of the largest home builder-developers in the state of Florida, geared at providing high-quality homes at affordable prices. The development company’s Bonterra community offers a range of single-family homes in Hialeah, Florida.

When CC Homes began construction of over 300 single family homes with a value of $60 million, the local building department could not keep up with the development company’s need for timely inspections. CC Homes was at risk for falling behind on its Bonterra project timeline, acquiring more interest on its construction loans, losing subcontractors, and incurring added costs.

SAFEbuilt Private Provider Services helped keep the Bonterra project on schedule by assigning a fulltime team of experienced inspectors to provide daily onsite inspection services. As a result, CC Homes was able to complete construction of all homes in less than six months, allowing the firm to more efficiently market and sell the residences and launch work on other developments.

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