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Parks Maintenance Services in Pembroke Pines, FL


Reducing Risk and Fixed Costs in Park Management


reduction in operating costs in the first year

Service Line

Parks Maintenance

In 2016, the SAFEbuilt team was awarded a five (5) year contract to provide all the personnel, management, operating supplies, and annual capital improvement assessments across over three dozen City parks.

A team on on-site maintenance personnel are responsible for all labor, management, and oversight needed to efficiently operate and maintain the City’s park facilities. This includes landscape and irrigation maintenance, custodial services for parks facilities; as well as, preparation of fields for league play.

The SAFEbuilt team is able to operate more fluidly and agile and adjust to the client’s needs and variable workload. We provide a more cost-effective solution while still increasing the customer’s level of service. This solution alleviates the burden of rising labor costs, and inability to effectively adjust staffing levels to match work load, thereby greatly reduce their operating costs while removing financial liabilities associated with running these departments in-house during any periods of reduced revenue or increased costs.

Engineering Design for stormwater management

Drainage Improvements to mitigate neighborhood flooding

Inspection Services After Unprecedented Flood Damage

Assessment and Inspection Services to help the community get back on their feet

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