Community Improvement Services: What are they and what can they do?

by | Nov 8, 2016

Before diving into looking at how Community Improvement Services can act as a crime prevention tool and help keep residents safe, it is important to define and understand just exactly what Community Improvement Services encompass. A Community Improvement Services program consists of two separate, “traditional services”: “code enforcement” and “rental housing inspections.” Community Improvement Services is a new spin on existing services that aims to overcome the negative stigma of over-reactive code enforcement and rental inspection programs. Why do we call the artists formerly known as “code enforcement” and “rental housing inspections” Community Improvement Services? By referring to these programs with a fresh perspective, the goal is to view these traditional services in a slightly more progressive, positive, and innovative manner by demonstrating to citizens and landlords that local governments can adopt an approach that is more educational, proactive, inclusive and non-confrontational in nature as part of an effort to achieve code compliance in their community.

The primary focus of the Community Improvement Services “spin” is to instill a proactive and cooperative mindset among both citizens and landlords, and their Community Improvement Services Representatives, so that compliance can be reached at minimum cost and maximum benefit to the community. Community Improvement Services Representatives, more commonly known as “Code Enforcement Off