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Whether your community has a single-digit population or more than one million residents, SAFEbuilt is committed to helping you design and build safer communities.

Bring in our multi-disciplinary experts on an interim or full-time basis to ensure your community development projects are completed safely, on time, and in compliance with local standards.

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Our expertise covers different levels of community development, including the following sectors:


Whether you need an interim team member, or are looking for support across all roles in your community development department, we have the multidisciplinary staff to supplement any gaps on your team.

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Private Developers

Get help navigating the complexities of the today’s market and arrive at ribbon-cutting faster with the support of plan reviewers, inspectors and streamlined permitting capabilities.

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Tribal Nations

SAFEbuilt has worked with Tribal Nations for more than 30 years. Our hands-on experience helps us understand the intricacies of these unique projects. We currently have extensive experience working with tribal nations in Colorado, Florida and California.

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Let’s Bring Your Vision to Life

Revitalizing a Small-Sized Building Department

Welcome to Maryville, Georgia, population 12,000, led by City Manager Michelle.

Michelle and the city’s building department have been unable to keep up with increasing workloads. Their backlog has only intensified as residents:

  • Use insurance money to replace roofs following a spring hailstorm
  • Continue to move to the community
  • File complaints about the quality of their public spaces

City Manager Michelle:

  • Time as city manager: < 6 months
  • Platform: Revitalize her small community

Let’s see what Michelle accomplishes in the next year:


New High School

With certified inspectors at the ready, Michelle made it possible to:
  • Schedule inspections and manage inspectors online
  • Streamline inspections with multi-disciplinary staffing
  • Receive real-time inspection and project updates

Leading to:

  • Less scheduling & administrative logistics
  • A faster timeline to ribbon cutting

City Hall

With on-call third-party plan reviewers, Michelle made it possible to:

  • Complete plan reviews electronically

Leading to:

  • Same-day inspections, leading to quicker plan review turnaround
  • Breaking ground faster on new projects

Updated Public Park

With additional resources, such as planning and landscape architecture, SAFEbuilt helped:

  • Design a practical, eco-friendly public space to better suit the neighborhood
  • Interpret zone codes for Michelle
  • Preserve the historical look and feel of the city

Leading to:

  • A healthier, happier community
  • A more desirable neighborhood to live in with increased property values

New Housing Development

With a third-party staff member to manage permitting, and SAFEbuilt’s electronic permitting software, Michelle was able to help:

  • The department to keep up with the busy season via a permit technician
  • Residents to submit, manage, and approve permits online
  • The department to reduce their outstanding permits

Leading to:

  • Happier residents
  • Budget protection
  • Speed to revenue
  • Reduced calls and complaints to city hall

Do Michelle’s experiences as a city manager sound familiar? Let SAFEbuilt bring your vision to life.

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As experts in community safety and trends, we are committed to helping community leaders and private developers secure projects and execute projects safely and efficiently.

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