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Working with SAFEbuilt has been a godsend. The transition team that SAFEbuilt put in place was professional and efficient. The process as a whole has been flawless.




helping local governments to create better communities

Community by community, we are impacting the perception of what community development is to what it can become. We call this changing your community developmentality.

Founded in 1992, SAFEbuilt partners with over 200 communities of all shapes and sizes throughout the country for the efficient delivery of privatized community development solutions including: building department services, community and transportation planning & zoning and community improvement services (commonly known as code enforcement and rental housing program), in short-and long- term engagements. Our team of dedicated experts has worked closely with local governments for over 20 years to meet their communities’ unique needs by offering a personalized approach that provides innovative technology, proven best practices, expert personnel and improved service levels.
Community Developmentality
We have partnered with many clients since our inception in 1992, all of them public agencies. Throughout this time, we have been committed to providing exceptional customer service to all of our clients. We have proudly maintained a client satisfaction rating of 97% as gauged by our annual customer service survey.  That speaks volume to the dedication of our people and starts with understanding all of our clients and personalizing our approach to meet their needs. We truly believe in what we do here at SAFEbuilt and at the end of the day, our goal is to make each community that we partner with a safer and better place to live, work, and play. Our services can be delivered from either a regional SAFEbuilt office, or co-located within your town or city hall. Either way we become your partner in the development process and share and expand your vision for better community. 

Check out this two-minute video to see how and why a private provider of public services, like SAFEbuilt, can help you.

From saving money, to increasing efficiencies to improving service levels, you’ll learn how our effective and innovative community development solutions can make a difference in your community.