Elevate Development

Building and maintaining safe, attractive communities is critical to encouraging economic growth, promoting business opportunities, and generating revenue for local municipalities. Yet without a solid vision and processes to support that vision, spurring investments that create the thriving community you desire can be a struggle.
Imagine if you could craft unique development plans to keep your community on the rise—plans supported by a culture of innovation and expedient service within your municipal departments. SAFEbuilt partners with communities like yours to:

Create a vision for your community

Use a unique multi-year development plan to guide your community on how to grow and move forward. Gather public input in creative ways and determine the desired direction for your community while keeping your plan up-to-date and fluid enough to change over time.

Streamline development procedures and approval

With a detailed vision in place, you can focus your efforts on implementing innovative approaches to make your community vision a reality. Our certified experts can help speed up complex development processes including zoning, permits, and inspections.

Build on community strengths and transform deficiencies

A development plan tailored to your community, along with organized processes to fulfill that plan, can help maintain your community’s best assets while working to steadily improve unsatisfactory areas.

Are You on the Rise? Let’s Work Together.

We partner with communities to cast the vision, craft the plan, and implement the solutions that help them rise up—becoming the best version of themselves. Connect with one of our local experts to review your unique situation and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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Related Services

Building Department Administration

Development Benefits

  • Attract development projects
  • Increase construction speed
  • Respond easily to any project

Specific Services

  • Full-service building department admin
  • Supplemental building code plans review
  • Supplemental zoning plans review
  • Supplemental building code inspections
  • Electronic plan review
  • On-site (local office) plan review
  • Chapter 17 inspections
  • Fire code review / inspections
  • Contractor licensing
  • Business licensing
  • CRS audits / flood plane management
  • Development inspections
  • Permit techs
  • Software / automation

 Planning and Zoning

Development Benefits

  • Craft creative, customized community plans
  • Gather community input
  • Implement user-friendly regulations
  • Deliver streamlined review procedures
  • Ensure flexibility
  • Get hands-on support

Specific Services

  • Comprehensive and small-area planning
  • Zoning and form-based codes
  • Redevelopment support
  • Regulatory guidance
  • Ongoing training
  • Community engagement

 Code Enforcement

Development Benefits

  • Improve property values
  • Attract the right kind of development
  • Attract re-development projects
  • Attract businesses and developers to drive new tax revenues
  • Stimulate your local economy

Specific Services

  • Code enforcement
  • Rental housing inspections
  • Prompt violation mitigation

 Automation Software

Development Benefits

  • Increase productivity to manage increased development without additional overhead
  • Make it easy for developers to track and manage permits and inspections online

Specific Services

  • Online permitting, planning, and licensing tools
  • Mobile apps for inspectors and contractors



Partnering with communities on the rise to help them become the best versions of themselves.

Enhancing Communities. Improving lives.

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