Stabilize Budgets

Reductions in development activity and economic changes can turn your building department into a financial drain that diverts funds from critical community programs. Yet reducing staff is both difficult and time-consuming, often resulting in backlogs that can cause developers to go elsewhere as the economy turns around. Construction booms and busts, combined with an increasing number of retiring building department professionals, can also leave you at a loss for how to keep your community on the rise without increasing your budget in the face of an uncertain future.
Imagine if you could implement proven ways to control building department spending and better allocate funds. Imagine if your community could strengthen the confidence of citizens, businesses, and developers through a sustainable budget and guaranteed revenues. SAFEbuilt partners with communities like yours to realize savings by:


You can avoid over- or under-staffing by supplementing your workforce as needed. Whether tackling major projects or adding on-demand help during your busy seasons, our team gives you support when (and how) you need it. Let SAFEbuilt assume the burden of staffing issues that accompany mass retirements and the ebbs and flows of development activity.


By staffing departments effectively, you can better anticipate and manage costs. Pay for the services and resources you need in accordance with the workload—no fees collected, no payment to SAFEbuilt.


By gaining and implementing unique efficiencies within your municipality, you can ensure money savings to effectively enhance your community. For example, our flexible staffing and accurate spending projections help you avoid budget deficits and invest your dollars in programs that put your community on the rise.

Percent-of-fee Model

SAFEbuilt works directly with communities to bolster their financial situations according to their unique goals and needs. With the percent-of-fee model, the risks of economic conditions, construction activity, staffing, etc. fall to SAFEbuilt. We take responsibility for managing inevitable fluctuations in development activity—helping safeguard you from the potential consequences of staff inequities and unmet budget projections.

Other models available

SAFEbuilt recognizes every community is unique and has different demands. Therefore, we offer several contract models, including:

  • Hourly fees
  • Fixed cost for fixed services

Contact SAFEbuilt to learn which fee model is right for you.

Are You on the Rise? Let’s Work Together.

We partner with communities to cast the vision, craft the plan, and implement the solutions that help them rise up—becoming the best version of themselves. Connect with one of our local experts to review your unique situation and see if we are a good fit to work together.

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Related Services

Building Department Administration

Budget Benefits

  • Guarantee a permit revenue surplus
  • Eliminate recruitment challenges
  • Identify and maintain a proper staffing plan
  • Improve performance efficiency
  • Reduce fixed operational costs
  • Avoid long-term employment commitments

Specific Services

  • Full-service building department admin
  • Supplemental building code plans review
  • Supplemental zoning plans review
  • Supplemental building code inspections
  • Electronic plan review
  • On-site (local office) plan review
  • Chapter 17 inspections
  • Fire code review / inspections
  • Contractor licensing
  • Business licensing
  • CRS audits / flood plane management
  • Development inspections
  • Permit techs
  • Software / automation

 Code Enforcement

Budget Benefits

  • Affordably eliminate blight
  • Improve property values
  • Attract businesses and developers to drive new tax revenues
  • Stimulate your local economy

Specific Services

  • Code enforcement
  • Rental housing inspections
  • Prompt violation mitigation

 Automation Software

Budget Benefits

  • Guarantee a permit revenue surplus
  • Reduce IT overhead
  • Scalable per-user pricing
  • Increase productivity
  • Experience soft dollar savings with improved cash flow and better customer satisfaction

Specific Services

  • Online permitting, planning, and licensing tools
  • Mobile apps for inspectors and contractors



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