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Percent-of-fee Model

We know that every community is unique. That’s why SAFEbuilt tailors our services and pricing to each municipal partnership. We work closely with individual communities to establish reasonable rates for the services we provide—whether it’s supplemental or full-service work.
To assure optimal cost and resource savings while delivering the highest level of service and customer satisfaction for our clients, SAFEbuilt offers the percent-of-fee model.

How it Works

Instead of charging a flat hourly rate for our services, SAFEbuilt collects a percentage of the fee or fees collected. These percentages vary from contract to contract and are dependent on the services provided, the community’s fee schedule, and the level of investment required to meet the service-level requirements (i.e. a 5- to 10-day turnaround). By paying a percentage of the fee or fees collected, the community reduces fixed costs and ensures that building department costs will not exceed revenues.

How Communities Benefit

Risk Mitigation

With the percent-of-fee model, the risks of economic conditions, construction activity, staffing, etc. fall to SAFEbuilt. We take responsibility for managing inevitable fluctuations in development activity—helping safeguard you from the potential consequences of staff inequities and unmet budget projections.

Shared Benefits of Efficiency

Under the percent-of-fee model, SAFEbuilt is incentivized to invest in your building department’s systems and processes, serving you efficiently, and improving relationships with developers.


You can feel secure knowing that you have backup. SAFEbuilt acts as an extension of your building department while pulling from our pool of resources. During activity spikes, we are ready to add resources to meet your needs—at no added cost to you.

Investment in the Community

The percent-of-fee model allows SAFEbuilt to become a more integrated part of your municipality. As we share in the benefits of community improvements, we remain deeply invested in your community’s infrastructure, economy, and welfare.

Cost Savings

You will always retain a percentage of the fee or fees collected which means that your costs will never exceed your revenue.



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