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Initially, nearly all services were outsourced, and to this day only limited services are performed in-house. Building services remain one area where the City relies on a trusted partner – SAFEbuilt – to deliver efficient high-quality service.

SAFEbuilt Solution

SAFEbuilt issues permits, inspects all physical structures within the City, reviews plans to ensure compliance with current building codes, issues contractor licenses, and enforces the Property Maintenance Code. Staff comprises a building official, deputy building official, plans examiner, inspectors, and permit technicians – all certified – as well as front counter staff. Everyone possesses customer service and communication skills that help create a collaborative atmosphere for customers, other City divisions, public agencies, and fire districts.

Centennial’s Building Services are among the industry’s most responsive. SAFEbuilt has a 100 percent success rate for inspection and plan review turnaround times for the City. Inspectors use laptops and portable printers to provide immediate, on-site results.

SAFEbuilt Maintains Performance Standards Regardless of Demand

Large commercial projects can clog a building services department, but with SAFEbuilt, the City is confident that will never happen. We leverage our network of building professionals to increase staff and efficiently handle these projects without sacrificing service speed and quality for homeowners and smaller contractors.

Costs Never Exceed Revenue

Costs for an in-house building department remain fixed despite fluctuating building activity. By using SAFEbuilt, Centennial turned these fixed costs into variable costs. SAFEbuilt accepts a set percentage of the City’s permit and contractor licensing fees in return for the provision of services. Now City leadership does not have to make difficult staffing and budgetary decisions based on ever-changing building activity.

First Class Service

The Home Improvement Program incentivizes homeowners to update older homes with help throughout the building process. Before a permit is issued, an inspector visits the home to answer compliance questions. Plus, homeowners receive online resources, including licensed contractor listings, photos of completed projects and an online permitting portal.

When Disaster Hits, SAFEbuilt is Ready to Help

In July 2018, a hailstorm inundated the east side of Centennial. More than 2,000 homes needed roof replacements. SAFEbuilt’s network expedited the additional permits and inspections required to get the City back to normal as quickly as possible.

A Long-Term Partnership

In 2010, Centennial issued an RFP that combined building services with contractor licensing. After soliciting bids from multiple outside vendors and analyzing the option of creating an in-house department, the City chose to remain with SAFEbuilt. Centennial determined that outsourcing building services was still in their best interest-SAFEbuilt’s first-class service, knowledgeable staff, remarkable flexibility, and cost-effective solutions made it the sound choice for Centennial. With a contract that extends through 2020 and options for two additional one-year extensions, Centennial continues to enjoy the freedom and opportunities that come from partnering with SAFEbuilt.


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